{Dreadlocks by Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious. License C.C}

       Have you ever wonderd about dreadlocks? How long ago did people start to style their hair this way? Where did it originate? Are there different kinds of dreadlocks? Even though trhough out history many assumptions and rumors about this style have come to be, the truth can be found with just a little curiosity and investigation.

       Historians believe that dreadlocks originated in north africa in the 15th century. Although many people believe that this unique hairstyle is nothing more then a antihygienic tangled mess, it is infact a style that can be categorized in to two types: the artesanal dreadlocks and the natty dreadlocks.

{Ariadne Jacob – Dreadlock-8 by Gianluca Ramalho Misiti. License C.C}

       The artesanal dreadlocks are hand crafted and mantained by carefully grooming and tangling the hair to take the length and wideness the person desires.


       On the other hand, the natty dreadlocks are naturally grown and not groomed in any way allowing the hair to tangle itself  into shape.

Learn something new everyday!


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