Green Eyes

{ Green eye by  Look Into My Eyes. License C.C}


       Green eyes are among the rarest eye colors in the world. However, they are common in some countries. Lots of people in Iceland have green eyes. In fact, over 80% of Icelanders have either green or blue eyes. These people do not have any kind of super power do to the fact that they have green eyes, but they do count as part of the 2% of people that have green eyes in the entire world.


{Green Eyes by Gorgeous Eyes. License C.C}

Sadly, the selected few that are lucky enough to have such and extraordinary eye color suffer grave dangerous without even having to know it. These people have and increased percent of sensitivity when it comes to their eyes and have a higher risk of falling victim to different types of optical cancer.

{That green eyes… by Jek eMe. License C.C}

Having green eyes is one of my favorite things in the world. Although applying sunblock on my face and too much clarity harm me more then other people can understand, I am very grateful for having the world perceive me in such a unique way..



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